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About us

“The Tourism Trust” main aspiration is to promote sustainable and equitable tourism all over the world in collaboration with both our public and private stakeholders. We are possibly among the first philanthropic trust & Non – Profit Charitable Trust organization meant primarily for the growth of tourism industry globally. Our sole motive to form this exclusive “Tourism Trust” is to enhance & promote a responsible & sustainable tourism development and travel culture. At the same time looking to developing potential, New and emerging markets based on tourist profiles. We would also like to invite suggestions from the public at large to assist us in our endeavour by sharing their experience of various unexplored sites all over the world. We encourage the development of Human Resources for the tourism sector and capacity building.

This exceptional idea is been conceptualized by Mr Sandeep Jain – A young and dynamic professional having a rich 25 years of experience in Tourism industry. Director of “Special Holidays Travel Pvt Ltd”, a well-recognized & wholesale Tour Operator in India. Recipient of Prestigious National Tourism Award presented by H.E the President of India, International Quality Award from Europe & also world Travel Brand Award, along with the recipient of “Pride of Noida” award.

Mr Sandeep Jain is actively involved in the various social development and charitable activities for the socio-economic development of the needy for societal upliftment. He carries family legacy from his forefathers and grand-parents who had created Charitable trust way back in 1978 (almost 40 years ago) to nurture and support economically weaker section of society. Now, this time he has come up with a charitable Trust organization that is only meant for the development of Tourism Trade and Industry and as a conclusion – “The Tourism Trust” or “Travel Tourism Trust” has sailed.

We intend to start a project where the desire of travelling is fulfilled for all and everybody reaps the benefit of the growth of this industry. Also, the locals of the host country will be helped in benefitting from the expanse of this high-income service sector. We are aiming to start this wave where realization is high amongst the people and development is done without stealing the beauty of the environment.

We at “Tourism Trust” by the introduction of the Project “Road towards Eco Tourism’ will aim to build the capacity of eco-tourism service providers with an emphasis on women and educated unemployed youth, to enable them to adopt environmental friendly responsible tourism practices that ensure sustainability of the tourism product in the long term.

We at “Tourism Trust” will try to explore such new destinations and develop them. We also invite suggestions from the public at large to inform us of any such places, which needs development and are so beautiful for development and us to cater to. We will address all such suggestions and invest in the development of tourist activities at such places. Our organization will also start with a project which involves cleaning of such touristic destinations which otherwise can lead to a lot of visitors if not for the dirt and garbage. Such beautiful rivers at so many places are dumped in the garbage. There are also not proper facilities at some of these destinations which are stopping the tourists from visiting.

At “Tourism Trust” we look forward to developing a culture where the local industries are given recognition and an incentive is given to the local people for the betterment of their lifestyles. We will aim at raising awareness amongst the local population about the benefits it will provide to the economy and the growth of the country by generating income and employment.