Tourism development and promotion - tourism investment opportunities

Tourism development and promotion


When people think of tourism, they think of a vacation, a new destination, a new culture, a beautiful vineyard or a destination for hiking in the mountains. Tourism is rarely thought of as a means to reduce poverty or a method of economic growth, which will be added to the host country of the tourist site. Tourism is not only a growth engine but also a generator of employment. It contributes extensively to the foreign exchange earnings of any country. It not only adds to the economy but also creates a global image and provides the host country of the tourist destination with an added advantage and thus Tourism Growth is an important aspect of Tourism.

The role played by the tourism sector especially in the developing countries is important. For e.g. India is a tropical country and the only country in the world that contains such world famous natural magnificence. Ranging from the Himalayas to the Sunderban Forests, from the beautiful deserts of Jaisalmer to the serenity of the Kashmir, India is also the host to one of the Seven Wonders of the World 'Tajmahal'. A country with such enigmatic surroundings is poverty stricken and not able to bank upon its striking surroundings due to lack of developed tourism activity. India is yet on a fast track in building the infrastructure to attract tourists around the world to visit and has low foreign exchange earnings. Seeing the benefits of its location, a developing country like India can grow at a faster rate if it starts to make use of its boundless potential and work towards a better-developed tourist industry in the future.

A famous man once said, 'If traveling was free, you would never see me again!' Traveling is therapy; travel is a rejuvenation of the mind and food for the soul. One forgets all his worries and tensions and goes for an exciting sojourn on an unfamiliar or familiar territory to get a taste of its scenic beauty, a glimpse of the people and their culture and to devour its local cuisine.

While traveling brings man pleasure and relaxation, it brings bread and butter to the millions who are dependent on tourism. The tourism industry is a flourishing industry all over the world. There are thousands of places around the world which are blessed with mesmerizing natural beauty. There are thousands of other places which have become famous due to manmade inventions and tourists from around the world flock to such places to enjoy the fabulous inventions. Tourism employs millions of people every year who cater to the needs of the tourists be it in the entertainment industry, food industry, and hospitality industry.

Every city has some distinct places, food, profession, entertainment zones or man-made inventions. The government of that city should encourage tourism by promoting it in the newspapers, media, and other means.

Tourism also improves the relations of countries. As a responsible citizen of the world and our country, we as individuals should conserve and protect our tourist places. We should respect tourists with respect and care and they are the ones which provide employment to millions in our country and promote Tourism Growth.

The tourism industry is the only industry in the world where the good or service is consumed where the product is produced. Due to this, the local population is both at the benefit to reap the benefits of the sector as well as at the risk of exclusion due to negative publicity. A well planned and regulated tourism industry can act as an important catalyzer in transferring resources from the rich to the poor even at a large scale. The local population is given an opportunity to participate in the direct employment activities in providing goods and services to the tourism businesses as well as through opening up employment opportunities by the way of direct interaction with the tourists. Tourism Growth can be used as leverage by the developing countries in providing opportunities to its entrepreneurs through the development of new products and services. It provides an easy way for the local entrepreneurs to develop new products and test in the international markets without any extra expenditure as the tourists are directly coming to them for a new experience.

Tourism tries its level best to alleviate and reduce poverty and promote Tourism Growth as well. Countries which have snow-capped mountains, volcanic mountains, and other interesting tourist locales are seeing a heavy inflow of tourists and foreign currencies which are a positive trend.

Promotion and Tourism Growth should be taken seriously by all the countries and they have to work out strategies to improve this particular department. Youngsters and students learn culture, heritage, disciplines and ecological factors of other countries only when they go on tour with their family members or other groups. Vacationing to exotic locales like snow-capped mountains also relaxes the stressed out mind in several ways. Even the physicians and doctors request others to go on family tour to several places once in a year. Tourism improves family ties and bondage to a great extent and promotes well-being in the minds of the people. Tourism industry which was growing slowly a few years back is now becoming billion dollar industry.

Several countries in the world which have rich green pastures, grassy highlands, exotic forest and pristine beaches consider tourism as one of the major industries since it sees billions of dollars. Countries like Madagascar, Ecuador, Africa, Antarctica, Nepal, and Kenya still preserve the natural parks, forests, zoos, and other untouched greenish pastures wonderfully to attract more tourist and income. Promotion and tourism growth are two sides of the same coin.

Students, youngsters, tourists, executives those who travel to ecologically friendly tourists sites and places get a lot of interesting info about the mountain, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls and build close ties with those nations. Each and every nation has tourism department and encourages international citizens to travel their countries. Even hundreds of environmentalists tour to different countries in a year and learn many interesting facts about nature this all contributes to the tourism growth.

Countries all over the world are trying to up their game in this sector. They are working towards the betterment of transportation, increasing connectivity and also working on the hospitality that a tourist expects when experimenting a new place. Since tourism is a multidimensional activity and a service industry, a cohesive effort is required in making it as one of the most income generating industries.