The Tourism Trust - Loyalty & Reward Programs-

The Tourism Trust - Loyalty and Reward Programs


As a reputed and branded NGO, we stand in the forefront to Reward the talented Budding youth student Fraternity and helping the economically backward students. Our team always respects the talents of the meritorious students those who come from ordinary families. As a matter of noble gesture and motivation, we honor these types of budding students those who are progressing in studies and do our level best to improve their skills and education.

Okay, so the student has studied really worked hard and managed to get into the merit list. Now, what next? Have you heard of the numerous toppers and A-listers roaming about with their degrees in hand searching for jobs and scholarships? A picture of a gold-medalist boxer girl from Haryana was going viral on the social media selling road-side food to earn for her family. Such is the plight of the meritorious topper! These children have worked really hard, skipped their play times and avoided parties and get-togethers just to study and top the merit list. When they finally achieve their dreams, only a few of the meritorious toppers actually succeed in life.

It is the government’s and school’s responsibility to see to that that these students get credit for their work. A scholarship should be arranged by the school or college to reward these students for being able to study further or get a job in a respectable firm. The education system is collapsing to such a degree that students are losing their trust in the organizations. They should be rewarded to let them know that they have indeed done an excellent job becoming a meritorious topper.

Ours is an NGO thoroughly dedicated to this cause. Our team finds out such meritorious toppers and rewards them. We also speak to respectable firms looking out for fresh talent to hire such toppers as their employees. This approach of ours benefits the company as well as the topper who feels shattered after not being able to get a good job or build a career after topping his school or college. Correct guidance and counseling are the key factors after the education is over and it is now that the young birds are ready to leave their nests and fly out in the open and build a nest of their own. It is at this time that they need the correct path which will help them grow responsibly and to not gets deviated in their path. Our NGO runs career counseling for such students.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to get a merit in their exams. Only a few out of hundreds reach this level and they should be rewarded in a grand way to motivate the others too. Education and talent should be given prime importance by the government. It has become a common belief that only those from the rich families can lead a successful life. Those from economically backward families do not succeed in life in spite of getting a merit in their exams. This belief and this system need to change.

At present, there are only a few colleges and organizations which sincerely reward the toppers based on their merit. They not only get discounted rates of fees, but the organization takes up the entire academic cost of the student enabling him to study almost free of cost. This motivates many other students to follow their league. Our main aim as an NGO set out to help such students it to make sure they get into a career path of their merit. We even refer them to the government institutions if required.

The meritorious toppers emerging from such a uniform and fair education system actually deserve and they should be highly rewarded by the institutions and the government.

Rewarding the meritorious toppers is one of the important objectives and we are committed to doing this service for the betterment of the students’ fraternity. As an organized and committed NGO, we will instill confidence in the minds of socially neglected students and try to bring them to the forefront.

Hidden in every nook and corner of the world are some amazing budding talents. Some of them, if discovered, rise to fame or get a chance to study further while some remain hidden in the various folds of circumstances, poverty, and other issues.

The need of the hour is to find out these budding talents and needy students and support them financially, morally and positively. Such great minds would help make the world a better place. There are millions out there today who are enjoying privileges they don’t deserve while others have to slog for their basic needs. In India for example, many talented students crush away and throw their talents and their love for study because they can’t afford the fees or they are the sole earning members of their families. Budding talent and future hopes go down the drains when they have to slog for their daily bread and butter. We find talented boys and girls who have shown extraordinary skills in their fields and sponsor their education further.

Supporting the needy and talented students is utmost important as you never know who is the next Einstein or next Aryabhatta. Extraordinary and talented students should get all the facilities and provisions to study further no matter whether they are rich or poor and get recognized in this Tourism Industry.

So come, let’s join hands and together we shall move forward to help create a knowledgeable tomorrow!